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Audiit - Indispensable Partner In Project Excellence & Data Governance

Information Visibility

Information is an important business asset. Providing visibility to the information and related business insights is of an utmost importance. Some of the AUDIIT examples of project management information business insights might include changes overview, shared data update details, project, and schedule monitoring details. Information visibility enables project teams to keep projects on schedule.


Real-Time Monitoring

The list of real-time monitoring benefits is constantly growing with the new discoveries made. Powered by simplified and more complex sift through functionality, data analysts get the best of the two worlds. AUDIIT real-time monitoring tools and dashboards allow to spot potential project issues earlier to minimize costly mistakes and avoid financial losses.

Advanced Analytics

Too much data? Not to worry. Advanced analytics is here to help. Transfer all the data volume to the Data Analysis module, remove distracting columns and invalid rows of data, applied multi-layered filters. Still need help? Share your work results with your peers to make the data work even harder for your team. AUDIIT Advanced Analytics helps to facilitate project teams’ alignment and agility, reducing organizational complexity.

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Data Governance Strategic Advisory

Almost every organization in Nuclear, Mining, E&C industries currently face data governance and utilization challenges and opportunities. Many Boards declare Data Governance as strategic focus for their organizations. AUDIIT supports industry leaders with Data Governance solutions and strategy design since 2014. AUDIIT provides custom Data Governance Strategic Advisory service in addition to its standard solution.

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